Jacob Banks: They will come for you

Artwork: "Black Boy", Pel Fang (source)
"They will come for you

They will rob you of your balloon and ask you to smile
They will come for you

They will come for your magic
They will come because your heart glows in the dark

Because you are familiar but not the same

Because there is love in your throat
Because every nine months you give birth to a soldier
They will come for you just in case

So put your dreams in your front pocket
Use the ones before you as ankle weights
And erase the sun

The oppressed outnumber the oppressors
Protect your magic
Freedom is on the move

And they will come"

~ Unholy War, Jacob Banks, 2017

Photos: G.D. Lance, 2021

Artwork: “Black Boy Zen”, Bart Cooper (source)

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