Nathaniel Branden: No one is coming to save us

Artwork: Title Unknown, Paul Rabaud (link)
"One of the most important [revelatory] moments is when the client grasps that no one is coming. No one is coming to save me; no one is coming to make life right for me; no one is coming to solve my problems. If I don't do something, nothing is going to get better. The dream of a rescuer who will deliver us may offer a kind of comfort, but it leaves us passive and powerless. We may feel if only I suffer long enough, if only I yearn desperately enough, somehow a miracle will happen, but this is the kind of self-deception one pays for with one's life as it drains away into the abyss of unredeemable possibilities and irretrievable days, months, decades."
~ Nathaniel Branden, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
The School of Anxiety is The School of Greatness
Feb 18 2020

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