Artwork: "Oracle and the Seers", Daniel Zrom, 2018 (source)

I know it seems absurd,
but in WORD war three,
shepherds attack their herds

Wake now my friend,
We are in the House of Lies,
where, only The Wise will survive

You must relearn to discern the light,
for words are weapons now,
a deceiver's duplicitous delight

I see you hesitating, looking for,
that unhearing, unseeing door,
but do not think you can just
walk back out:

For these deadly lies,
now permanently reside,
in other's minds

No place to hide,
ever more


put on this pretending mask,
and stand,
opposite to me

At the edge of this six-foot, six-pointed circle,
so I may speak and gesture,
six-times at thee

I see your smug disbelief!

But, monumental lies hide beneath,
your reasonable, inculcated normal,
your, felonious fig-leaf

In these unnoticed social rituals,
latent cultural symbols,
scare-sound new meanings in minds to chime

Which works so much better,
when we all pretend,
these symbols, 
do not rhyme


I am the Master Liar
My pants, forever on fire

And trust me when I say,
you can trust no one,
especially not me today

I mock you now with my lies
My, unspeakable, truth
felt clearly between your minds' eyes

You know exactly of what
I am truly speaking,
a trick you must soon learn:
to weapon words with extra meaning

Notice how your anger doth rise
at the audacity of my lies,
but here hides your most profane conceit:
your expectation of truth,
it makes you weak!

Let go this poison pill,
for they surely will,
until they work,
no more


Let this house then,
become your liar's gym

Flex and grow your mental muscles
Reside in uncertain worlds
Improbable yet still possible

Be, the open fist,
to all that which offends,
for the truth has been hidden, 
in the fool's portend
while the lies 
are trumpeted 
and proclaimed from ivory towers
you alone,
must learn to discern,
or give up all your power

Dimensionalize your thinking
Multiply your interpretation
Feel, what is true,
like the gong, 

Cling no more to carefree certainty
or comforting authority

For the trick of lies,
is you,
or secret-you,
must consent
They cannot compel a trust
You have not lent


Seek the inner guide yet unfound,
or you might find your ship run aground
Stranded on the isle of deceit,
a perpetual slave of mental defeat

You and your child's child's child
will unwittingly toil the false master's field,
forever lost and beguiled

Many already serve this monstrosity
Tricked by, mock forbidden fruits,
into committing unavowed atrocity

Captured and complicit
Clothed, in black ringlets
Eyes blinking, morose code:
"Please help me, I re-gret-it"

While they must at first appear to you as foes
Once their sideways cries reveal their woes
Under-duress, they pray for liberation
Covert allies, when given signs of realization

You cannot win alone
Risks must be taken
Speak to unknown others,
using weaponed words,
to recognize the awakened
Let them demonstrate their discernment to you,
so that you may know they are true


I reveal the method,
by which they plan to win
Their greatest lie,
which they believe,
you can not defend

I see your face now,
so filled and full of fear,
but do not despair my friend,
for your salvation is near

But first,
kneel before me now,
and place your head into these stocks,
and swear your fealty to me,
as I, tighten down these locks

Never mind what I said before,
disregard that voice inside,
I am your Master now
and I can not be defied!

Confess to me now, that which I ask for:
are the unworthy, vessel of life
that secret-you,
and I,
both abhor!

Unfit, unclean, subhuman, who!
I now tattoo!
Only I provide, the cure,
for the dis-ease of you

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G.D. Lance ©2020

+ Contemplations
+ Who is the Master Liar?
I am the Master Liar
My pants, forever on fire
+ When a first-person poem is performed in a mirror, who is the speaker?

Who is the audience?

+ If an intentional lie is told and others unquestioningly repeat it, who is to blame?

When someone tells us words, who decides if they are true?

+ What is the ultimate goal of the Master Liar?


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