Caitlin Johnstone: Awaken

Artwork: "Awaken To The Magic Of The World", Jeff Angelo, Aug 2020 (source)
Caitlin Johnstone
Nov 2 2019
"Can you sink below the burbling headnoise
and feel your flesh singing the sacred syllable?

Can you look inward with your original mind
and coo to the nest of angel eggs in your chest?

Can you turn your back on the neck-craning gossipers,
on the eels your parents planted in your mind,
on the crayon paper plate masks people hold over their faces,
on the HYUCK-HYUCK-HYUCK of blaring glowscreens,
on the tortured flailings of millionaire comedians,
on the emaciated rape husks in Pornhub dot com,
on the begging chirpmouths in Twitter dot com,
on the misty mirror mind maze in Google dot com,
and remember why you came here in the first place?

Do you have the courage to sit in the present moment,
as terrifying as that might be?
Do you have the sincerity to bring every part of yourself into the light
that you have labored until now to keep hidden?
Do you have the vulnerability to let the mystic fire rip through you
and purge falsehood from every strand of DNA?
Do you have the faith to let go
and let life’s river carry you where it may?

Awaken, sleeping giant.
Awaken, indigenous terrestrial.
Awaken, holy hominid.
Awaken, savage saint.
Awaken, coiled energy serpent.
Awaken, incinerator of untruth.
Awaken, devourer of patterns.
Awaken, primordial heart.

and begin your beneficent destruction."

 ~ Caitlin Johnstone

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