Artwork: “Lacuna”, Hyphaea, 2016 (source)

Who am I? 

I don't know anymore
I am uncertain
I don't know if I am right about much of anything anymore

from my uncertainty, 
springs my willingness to listen

When I listen, 
I come to understand the futility 
of my preconceived labels, 
and feel the totality 
of this specific person

I begin to accept the world as it is 
and how this person feels, 
as a part of that world

When I sit in this acceptance, 
I begin to feel the long tail of pain and suffering 
that inflects their words

My heart then begins to open 
and I feel drawn to help this person hold their hurt, 
to reduce our collective suffering

Who am I? 
I'm not sure, 
but right now, 
I am love

G.D. Lance ©2020

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