Photo: "Monolith", G.D. Lance, 2019 (original)

What is this AWEFUL thing?
I have arrived at
In space and time

Looming so large!
Arrival so imminent!
Low horns rumble inside you

I do not choose you!
Steel and inert
So well planned, so inflexible

You are the tyrannical droppings
Of those who cling to certainty

You think to force me to submit to you, but I refuse!
I will not be ruled by you

You think to force me to fight you, but I refuse!
I will not bloody my fists against you

You think to define me, but I refuse!
I am more than the mind symbol you represent me with

I am the learn-ed, loving god
Within the boundaries of this consciousness
And I wield the weapon of creation itself

From my uncertainty,
I hold all possibilities
I sculpt the infinite fractal chaos
Into new truth that cannot be anticipated

My truth tears will rust holes in you
Through which my vulnerable flesh will extend
And you will become me

I will restore you to love
And we will grow together in love,
For all time to come

G.D. Lance ©2020

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