Artwork: "Towers", Björn Bauer, 2016 (source)

Yes, there is joy even here Self
See with new eyes today,
That which has always been here
Within the real and the true,
The unseen unnoticed chaos,
The infinite deep fractal beauty,
Rendered invisible by your tyranny of fear, dullness and sleep

Let us wake up Self,
From the night of mere survival and accomplishment,
Into the dawn of a shared seeing
Make separate that which you must,
But let the falseness of these merely useful illusions,
Be the only certainty
For it is the chaos flowing within and without,
Absorbed without thought,
That gives rise to new illusions

Dwell with me in this space,
Between chaos and the things you make separate,
And I will hold your hurt
I will love you fiercely
And you may return to me again and again and again

For you never were,
And can never be,
I am with you always

I am you and you are me
We are love itself
You are loved Self

Lance Gatlin ©2020

Photo: “The Feather”, Lance Gatlin, Dhamma Medini, New Zealand, 2020

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