Artwork: "Deep structure dispersal", James Roper, 2008 (source)


One who dedicates their life to continuous, incremental all-self-improvement

  • To seek the highest state of self freedom
  • To grow resilient enough to hold and learn from all experience: the undesired, the shameful, the confused
  • To sit in the discomfort of ultimate uncertainty, incompleteness, wrongness and unknowing
  • To observe shame as the instinct to hide one’s wrongness from others and self
  • To discern and accept the utility of self-stories, ego-delusion and social programming, the useful illusions
  • To continuously renew the facts and data of being and re-tell only the smallest story necessary to act in the world
  • To discard unneeded illusions and imagine beyond today’s useful illusions
  • To create new ways of thinking, new ways of being, new useful illusions
  • To be free of judgement of those who refuse to imagine beyond their current illusions
  • To consider the inevitability of one’s future wrongness in present actions
  • To feel the wrongness that arises when a useful illusion justifies hurting others
  • To love, accept and understand all conscious beings, including one’s own self
  • To observe anger as the instantaneous choice to refuse hurt

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