A Method For Finding Your Purpose in Life

Comic: "Purpose", War and Peas, 2021 (source)

Begin by raising consciousness through meditation, journey, emotional transformation, self-love and writing. As questions arise, begin to imagine conversing with the wisest version of yourself, who lives the last days of your life, who looks back on today as the long ago past, who has accomplished everything you wanted already and now regards you as a loving grand-parent wishing to help you succeed. Eventually this “higher self” will tell you your purpose. A purpose that you have already chosen for yourself. A purpose that brought you the most contentment and satisfaction in your last days. This is how your “higher self”, living in your future, imparts to you your purpose today. It is how you can learn the purpose you choose for yourself across time. It is also why this purpose will evolve as you change and your world changes around you.

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