Sarah Firth: …sit with multiplicity, celebrate ambiguity and befriend uncertainty

Webcomic: "Making Sense of Complexity", Sarah Firth, 2017 (link)
"We need to let go of of our cultural obsession with prediction and control and instead develop the wisdom and humility to sit with multiplicity, celebrate ambiguity and befriend uncertainty" ~ Sarah Firth
"I am multitudes. I am a complex system" ~ Sarah Firth
"As much as scientific reductionism can be useful, it only provides a limited representation of the natural world. Physicist Werner Heisenberg pointed out that what we observe is not nature itself, but rather, nature exposed to our particular method of questioning." ~ Sarah Firth 
"For us to better navigate this unpredictable and rapidly changing world we need to pay more attention to how we think about and interpret situations through questioning our assumptions and mental models." ~ Sarah Firth
"We have to come to grips with our own ignorance and the fact that our knowledge and information will always be incomplete, and any answers we create will at best be partial and temporary." ~ Sarah Firth
Making Sense of Complexity
Sarah Firth
Sep 13 2017

Update: Dancing with Complexity
Sarah Firth
Mar 8 2022

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