Photo: "Love Saves The Day", G.D. Lance, 2021

A tribute to my love
On this day we celebrate
Her arrival into our lives

If only all the world,
Could know the truth and beauty
Of adventures with Allison

The passionate plans
The patient daily dreams
The thank-god-finally reunions
The singing toe-tapping travels
Of adventures with Allison

The playful laughing days
The wondrous whoa-wow-heart sights
The dancing where we please
The delicious chatty epic-meal-times
Of adventures with Allison

Looking back today I realized,
My memories have slowly become our memories
And my damn-heart overflows right now
Filled to the brim with gratitude and love
Of adventures with Allison

My prior path so well-chosen,
Stands imperiled now,
My empty fear-bear belly rumbles uneasily,
Please? More...
Of these adventures with Allison?

A more kinder, loving place
This world would surely be
If like me,
Everyone else also knew
Of adventures with Allison

G.D. Lance ©2020

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